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Hack Whatsapp Through Easy method

Hacked Whatsapp

Hack Whatsapp easy method

Hacking Trick-1:

Use Whatsapp With Someone Else's Number!!! This hack works by tricking the WhatsApp Verification Servers by sending a spoofed request for an authorization code
Intended for an alternative phone.
  1. Install WhatsApp on your device WhatsApp now starts a counter where it sends a
  2. verification message to its servers.
  3. Block the message service it can be blocked by changing the message center number or pushing the phone into Airplane mode.
  4. WhatsApp now offers an alternative method of verification Choose verify through SMS and fill in your email address. Once you click to send the SMS click cancel to terminate the call for authorization to the WhatsApp server.
  5. Now You have to do sms Spoofing You can do it using this App For Android Check your outbox and copy the message details into the spoofed application and send the spoofed verification. - Use this App and Send sms: To: +447900347295 From: +(Country code) (victims mobile number) Message: (your email address).
  6. 5. You will now receive messages intended for the spoofed number on your mobile device and you can communicate with people under the spoofed number and You have successfully hacked their whatsapp account !!

Hacking Trick-2:

How to get whats app free for 10 years:

..::Requirement ­s ::..
Iphone or Ipad 2.Android or Nokia Device with whatsapp

..:: Procedure ::..
  1. Remove whatsapp from your phone and take help from your friend who have owned Iphone or Ipad.
  2. Ask him to register whatsapp with your number.
  3. You will get an verification code on your phone, tell him verification code received on your number and enter it on his iPhone.
  4. After you have done all that steps whatsapp will start on your friend’s iPhone,just check account info and it will be updated to 2022.
  5. 5.Ask your friend to delete it and install the latest version on your phone and check its expiration date.

Hope you learned something from this Tutorial. Have FUN!
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Hack Whatsapp Through Easy method
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