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Difference Between VPN Server and Proxy Server

Difference Between VPN Server and Proxy Server

Difference Between VPN Server and Proxy Server

Many people assume that a VPN (virtual private network) and Proxy are the same. Well it is true if the proxy server and VPN server has the same intended use is to hide the identity of the original IP address of a computer or other device. But that does not mean they are the same tablets, either VPN or proxy has the speed, stability and security are determined by the price - free and paid. Although many assumptions are both the same, in terms of how the VPN connection is already clear Proxy server and different server. Then where lies the difference between the two?

Virtual private network will establish an encrypted connection between your computer and the VPN server host, where every internet traffic passing through the VPN server host.
VPN Server
connection through the VPN server will always be encrypted so safe and protected

With a minimum of 128 bit encryption, virtual private network can secure the data that is sent or received computer you are using. In addition to changing the IP address, use the VPN server as if you were using another ISP.

All traffic will pass through the VPN server so that the activities of the computer and the web site address that you go completely invisible to others. Virtual Private Network also supports High levels of 128-bit encryption to 2048-bit.

Network through a Virtual Private Network, you can send and receive files from one computer to another computer that is also connected to the VPN server. Where speed, security and stability are berbading straight at a price you must pay for the services.

Not only foreign servers alone, Indonesia has many VPN providers have sprung up that allows you to use a secure connection via a Virtual Private Network.

To use a Virtual Private Network server, it takes a little skill to download the VPN client, set up and configuration of the host computer device with the VPN server.

Proxy server is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the computer you are using to the internet. Unlike VPN, proxy servers do not always do the encryption of data sent or received computers through the Internet.
VPN Server
IP hide IP proxy computers and displays when using a proxy server

When you use a proxy server, the IP address is visible is owned IP proxy is an intermediary computer, not your computer's IP is being used. Many proxy software which provides an easy to use proxy IP from another computer.
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There are 2 types of protocols that are commonly used proxy server
HTTP Proxy Servers
HTTP protocol is used to access the HTTP level traffic such as http:// or https:// which means it can only be to open a web page. For just browsing and surfing on the Internet, HTTP proxy faster when compared Sock proxy server.

SOCKS Proxy Servers
Sock proxy has the ability to more completely than HTTP proxy, but can be used to access the web page, the proxy server can open the Sock POP3 and SMTP for email, IRC chat, FTP to upload files to a website as well as torrent files.

VPN is superior in all areas ranging from the security, access speed and stability of the server connection. Virtual Private Network is able to fully protect (secure) all online activity that you do not even seen by the ISP (internet services provider).
Difference Between VPN Server and Proxy Server
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