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Download Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 Build RePack v13.6

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 Build RePack v13.6

Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 Build RePack v13.6

Supported Language: English
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Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 Build RePack v13.6 is the best antivirus over the world, With Kaspersky Small Office Security you will not have to spend a lot of time and effort to learn and configuration information to protect your enterprise. Easy to install, the optimal default settings and automatic updates can secure your computer network and the protection of confidential information. Now you can concentrate fully on the activities of your company that is focused on issues of computer security.

Additional Information:
  • Advanced anti-virus technology Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 provides protection against today's IT threats: viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, botnets and bootkit, by illegal means remote control of computers users from stealing usernames, passwords and other personal data stored on your computer ; from spam and phishing, from hacking attacks and inappropriate web content.
  • Proactive protection technologies Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 provides protection against new threats through behavioral analyzer, which monitors the behavior of programs on your computer and prevents the action of those whose behavior is suspicious or dangerous.
  • The control system monitors the actions of applications programs that run on your computer, and restricts access to sensitive areas of the operating system and personal user data. Applications are divided into groups (trustees, slightly limited, very limited and untrusted) in accordance with these reputation service of Kaspersky Lab. Depending on which group is the program for its actions impose other restrictions.
  • Unique technology Sandbox uses the principles of virtualization to create a secure execution environment. Safe environment that allows users to try new software in an isolated environment that protects the operating system from any changes. The number of Internet browsers and other programs running simultaneously in a secure environment is not limited.
  • A set of tools for the protection of personal data is automatically denies access to the unwary user to known phishing sites and blocks the keyboard spyware, aimed at stealing passwords and access codes.
  • Anti-Spam technology, which allows to significantly reduce the number of unwanted emails, made on the basis of methods of two types: precise and expert. Exact methods allow us to apply strict criteria to the message filtering, which allow you to uniquely identify a message is spam or not. Expert methods allow to study the e-mail messages that have passed strict selection criteria.
  • Backup provides storage and protection of sensitive user data (documents, photos, music) from loss or damage as a result of malicious programs, accidental deletion or failure of your hard drive. Data backups are created in special storage facilities for a user-selected media and allow you to quickly recover data in case of loss.
  • Web Policy Management allows you to set flexible restrictions on access to Internet resources and programs for employees, and view statistical reports about user. Judicious use management features Web policies could significantly increase the productivity of employees use work time.
  • Modern technology "transparent" encryption allows to reliably protect user data from unauthorized access or theft by creating a specialized data warehouse - container files. After connecting the container file, it is possible to work with him as a secure virtual disk. In the case of a virus attack, while working in unprotected wireless networks, the loss or theft of USB-drive or laptop Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 will provide privacy of encrypted data.
  • Password Manager securely stores your passwords and other credentials of the user, and provides privacy when filling out various forms of authorization. Password Manager sticks passwords and accounts to Microsoft Windows or Web pages for which they are used. After launching a web page or program your username and password are entered automatically.
  • Control Center allows you to run a virus scan and updates for the entire network or for selected computers, manage data backup, and configure Web site management policies on all network computers without leaving their workplace. This provides remote security management of all computers office network.
Features Of Repack Version:
  • During the assembly repack was not modified any original installation file, the assembly does not contain the exploit;
  • Manual or automatic silent installation of this product on x86/x64 platforms;
  • Click Yes in the installer, install a hidden automatic Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 by clicking Yes from holding the Shift key, you can select the installation options;
The installer contains the key to corporate 01/02/2015: On the server version of the OS is put on workstations (uncircumcised functionality) During an unattended installation antivirus databases are updated to 25.06.2013 of the prisoners in RePack updates; In auto mode is configured for optimal protection, but everyone can customize itself; Window installation is complete install replaced by sound speaker system;

Software Reviews:
  • Program Name: Kaspersky Small Office Security 2
  • Version : 2 Build RePack v13.6 
  • Software Version: 
  • Language: English / Russian
  • Medicine : Include - SPecialiST
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7 x32/x64
  • Password : No
  • Type File : Rar
  • Code File : K.S.O.S.2b9.1.0.59.r3p4ck.v13.6
  • Updated : 28 June 2013
  • Publisher : Kaspersky Lab
  • Treatment: Cured 
  • File Size: 293.5 MB

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Download Kaspersky Small Office Security 2 Build RePack v13.6
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